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Carp Lemonade
Making the best out of some big-headed invaders

An article in Missouri Conservationist Online

by Duane Chapman



Information Regarding Asian Carp


PDF Applying HACCP Principles to Prevent Spread of Asian Carp Species in Aquatic Shipments
PDF Asian Carp: Huge Fish with Huge Impacts
PDF An Examination of the Sensitivity of Bighead Carp and Silver Carp to Antimycin A and Rotenone, (USGS)
PDF Facts About Bigh Head and Silver Carp, USGS
PDF Feasibility Study to Limit the Invasion of Asian Carp into the Upper Mississippi River
PDF Foreign Nonindigenous Carps and Minnows (Cyprinidae) in the United States - A Guide to their Identification, Distribution, and Biology, Scientific Investigations Report 2005-5041
PDF Placing the North American invasion of Asian carp in a spatially explicit context. Adam M. Lohmeyer & James E. Garvey. Biological Invasions
PDF Reproductive Potential for Triploid Grass and Black Carp, (USGS)
PDF Snail Control Project: Final Report to: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office. Gregory Whitledge and Matt Noatch. Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center, Department of Zoology Southern Illinois University. November 2008.
PDF Summary of Permit Authority and Prohibited Species by State with Special Emphasis on Asian Carp

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